Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lilly's day at the park

I thought I would take advantage of our mid 70's blue sky, very sunny morning, by taking our pug Lilly to the local dog park! I put a red harness and leash on a very excited Lilly, gathered up a bottle of water for her (she gets thirsty at the park). I thought I might get some cool shots of Lilly soaking up the sun, so I grabbed the digital camera, checked the camera batteries which looked good to go, Lilly jumped into the car and away we went! The park wasn't busy, only one other dog there (perfect!). Lilly excitedly jumps out of car when I open the door, and we quickly head up the path to the dog park gate. All of a sudden what was once an excited Lilly, changes to one that doesn't want to go through the gate! I had "shoo" her through the gate. We finally get through the gate and the other dog (a big tan Boxer puppy)walks up to Lilly and gives her the obligatory doggy "hello" "butt sniff" greeting! The greeting made Lilly's eyes as big as saucers! I just had to laugh! Lilly wasn't scared, she was looking at the other dog like "who are you?!" Lilly was calm, but I thought the look on her face was comical! I started to talk to the other dog's owner and felt a tightening feeling around my lower legs. I looked down and realized that both Lilly and the other dog had been following each other around me, and I was wrapped up so tightly with two leashes that I almost fell over! I started laughing, I just couldn't move an inch! I was quickly "rescued" by the other people and able to move!
Finally a third dog came in, a smaller dog, who ran up to also "greet" Lilly, and for one brief, very cute moment they were nose to nose. I really wanted to capture the "nose to nose" moment so with camera in hand I hurried to snap a shot, only to find out the camera batteries died! Oh no!! Not now!!! Of all times!!
The next thing I now, I look up and the smaller dog, which is about 1/2 the size of Lilly, is up on Lilly's back trying to "hump" her!! OMG!! The smaller dog (named Oscar)'s owner quickly got the dog off Lilly's back, and Lilly ran over to me and stood between my feet. I moved away from Lilly (I don't want her to be really clingy with me all the time). I think she was "plotting her revenge" against the smaller dog "Oscar". Lilly sat and waited until Oscar went to the water bowls near the fence to take a drink. Once oscar started to drink, Lilly walked over and "flipped" the water bowl over while Oscar was drinking out of it! This poor little dog had water all over his head! Lilly then proudly trotted back to me as if she was saying "Ha,ha! Look what I did!" After that Oscar left her alone, so I guess it worked! Everyone who witnessed it was laughing!
a few minutes later we headed home, and now I have a seriously tired, worn out, sleeping Lilly, who is curled up next to her sister Lacy! How sweet!

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