Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More "Pug Love!"

Pug Mugs: Good Pugs Gone Bad    I'm home all day with my "pug buddies" Lacy & Lilly today, so I thought I would spread a little more "Pug Love" around today!  "Pug Love" can be contagious, so be careful!
  I also thought I would share a cute "pug poem" a friend sent me last December!  Enjoy!

  My pug is a real delight, she weezes and farts and snores through the night.
  She is perpetually happy, always in a good mood, but her real self comes out with the offer of food!
  She spins in circles so excited for a trip.  But want to trim her nails?  She'll give you the slip!
  She has the run of the house, comfy beds galore, but when I come home from work, her nap spot?  The floor!
  Yes the life of my pug is the life of ease.  But when she sleeps on my lap, why MUST she sneeze?

Very True! lol!

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