Friday, April 23, 2010

Picnic and Butterflies!

Hanging Butterfly Decor. Set Of 6 Accented with Whimsical Gems And Glitter For Weddings And Room Decor  Spring is really here finally!  Today's sunny weather was just perfect for today's picnic!
  I went to a picnic for lunch today and it was wonderful!  Today's picnic was the" annual spring picnic" that my cousin's daughter's elementary school hosts each spring.
  This picnic had a couple of clowns walking around entertaining the kids, along with some game booths with prizes.  They had water balloon games, three legged races, potato sack races etc... They also had a couple of clowns making balloon animals, also they had great BBQ! 
  My cousin's daughter is in kindergarten and her name is Emily (she's adorable if I do say so myself)!  With the variety of things to do there, Emily was fixated on one thing only!  She just "had to have" a balloon animal!  Nothing else would do!  The lines for the balloon animals were so long, my cousin Julie and I tried everything to change her mind, neither of us wanted to wait that long in line with her. 
  Julie went with Emily first hoping the line only looked long but would move quickly, it was moving, but very slowly.  Julie waited until she needed to sit and get a drink, but Emily would not budge!  I took over the line duties with Emily.
  The line took almost an hour in total wait time.  We get up to the balloon animal making clown and Emily decides she doesn't want an animal!  Emily shyly & sweetly tells the clown she wants "butterfly wings".  The clown thinks for minute and says "butterfly wings it is"!  i've never seen a child's eyes light up the way Emily's did that minute!
  A few twists and squeaks of the balloons later, the clown turns Emily around and carefully pulls her arms through a couple of balloons, and before you know it she's got 2 big "butterfly wings" strapped to her back!
  Emily then took off running with her arms flapping as fast as she could flap them!  She went running for her mom Julie and told her "mommy, my wings aren't working!  I still can't fly like a butterfly!" 
  Emily warned everyone that came near her to be careful around her butterfly wings she didin't want them to "get broken" .  After a while one wing did pop on it's own, but it didn't stop Emily from believing she could fly like a butterfly!
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  I just love a child's imagination!

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