Wednesday, April 20, 2011

D@@@ Germs!

  Today I realized for the millionth time, that your body has a way of telling you to "slow down".  Mine started out a bit sneaky.  I felt fine all day last Friday, I was at work as usual, went to lunch with my friends etc...I had an hour left of my work day when all of a sudden, a slight sore throat developed which should have been my first warning (but I didn't listen because the temptation of going to my first major league baseball game of the season was way too tempting).  As soon as I pulled up in our driveway, Jason said "let's go to the game" I could never resist that invite, no matter how I feel.
  Sautrday & Sunday came and went and my voice started going also, yet i still refused to listen!  Monday and Tuesday also came and went and the non-stop aches and pains, fever arrived with no problem, just "made themselves at home" but stupid me did not listen and kept forging on through conference calls, paperwork etc...
  Until today when my body said "enough already".  I felt like I got hit and run over by a train today!   the message to slow down finallly got through, loud and clear!
  Thank God we have a world class healthcare location literally 2 minutes from my work, and it was there on my lunch where I found out that I have "walking Pneumonia" of all things!  I think it's time to slow down.  Those D@@@ Germs!

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