Friday, August 29, 2014

The Love Of My Life

 I met the love of my life my husband Jason in April 1999.  I will never forget what he was wearing the first moment I saw him walking through the Oakland airport terminal with a friend of mine,  He was wearing a white Cleveland Indians jersey and hat with khaki shorts, and most importantly a big beautiful smile across his face!  A mutual friend worked for the same airline, I worked out of Oakland (Oakland CA) airport and he out of Columbus (Columbus OH) airport.  He flew out to meet me for Indians vs A's game and brought one of his buddies (Jason) along with him that day, the day I met the love of my life. I  automatically feel in love with Jason's smile and sense of humor, and his love of baseball. 
Our friendship deepened over the next five months even though we were separated by a few thousand miles, we communicated through email daily. 
 Jason flew out to California again in September 1999, and that's when we had our first kiss, his kiss was everything I thought it would be, tender & absolutely wonderful!  I was so nervous about kissing him my lips tensed up ( it had to be bad, but he didn't admit it).
 Spring 2000 Jason was wading in the ocean and I was lying on a beach towel in Carmel California after our picnic on the beach, when he all of a sudden jogged up, laid on top of me and told me "I love you" for the first time then gave me the deepest, longest, most romantic kiss I have ever had!
  February  2001 on a Saturday in Columbus, Jason took me to a forest that is situated in the middle of a metro park.  Jason led me to a bench in the middle of the forest and asked me to sit with him "for a minute", he pulled a camera out of his pocket, took a picture of our view, wrapped his arms around me from behind and whispered in my ear "will you marry me?"  He was so nervous, his voice cracked ( so sweet),it took me all of a minute to say "yes",
  Now after 13 years of marriage we've had a lot of ups & downs, Jason has been my rock through several miscarriages, a spinal fracture I suffered in a car accident, depression, deaths in my family, my head injury I suffered last year and my surgery I had to have as a result, I put him through a lot, at one point I told him he should find someone else that can fulfill his dream of becoming a dad, he wouldn't hear of it, he held me closer and assured me he wasn't going anywhere.
  Jason has always been there for me and I want to show him my appreciation, so I am planning a "surprise trip" for him I really want to show him my appreciation and give him the best, most memorable vacation ever! I can't wait!

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