Monday, June 29, 2009

Small World

The song "It's a small world after all..." has been replaying in my mind many times the past few days! It first started last Saturday night when my husband and I saw this mysterious cute little boy run down our driveway out of nowhere! When my husband went outside to see where this little guy had come from and gone, he realized he was part of a family of two parents and three kids that were visiting our friends next door (who also have three kids) for at least a few days! Wondering why my husband was outside for what seemed a while, I started to hear some laughing and chatting, so I also went outside and was immediately introduced to the "visiters" and was told that they are from Alabama, nothing odd about that, where the "small world" thing comes into play is that they also used to live in the San Francisco bay area which is where I grew up and lived un til about 8 years ago! We spent the rest of the night playing with all six kids and talking about life inthe "bay area" and how much we all miss it.
Later that night while I was still saying to my husband and to myself
"what a small world, meeting those people here some 2,000 miles away from the bay area!" I logged onto my page on Facebook, only to see that one of my friends who I met in 1st grade and was friends with all through school until we graduated high school, and have just recently connected again with through Facebook (she still lives in my hometown in the bay area) is travelling with her three kids across the country for the first part of the summer, and is documenting every place they stop in along the way was staying the weekend only a few minutes from my house! Keep in mind that we have not seen each other basically since high school ( which I hate to say is over 15 years ago), we reconnected just recently through Facebook, and during her journey across the country with her kids this summer just happens to be staying a couple nights just a few minutes from my front door, at least 2,000 miles from her own front door! We arranged to meet for breakfast this morning to "catch up and take a walk down memory lane" before they hit the road again for another new adventure. I have been singing the song "It's a small world" in my head over and over again, and right now I believe "It's a small world" more than ever before!

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