Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photographs & Memories

You know how some things such as certain smells, a song, an item maybe can trigger memories in your mind? Well, today I had that same experience only with a soundtrack to go along with it. While hunting down a spider on my dining room wall (found by a howling pug no less) , a picture of my great grandmother caught my eye. The picture of my great grandmother was taken on her 100th birthday! A flood of memories of her came to my mind at that moment. Yes, I was lucky enough to know my great grandmother who died at 101 years old in June 1992. While I was taking a mental stroll down "memory lane", Jim Croce's song "Photographs & Memories" started playing in my head.
I will always treasure and remember the memories that my great grandmother (her name was Janet) and I created together, nothing can replace them. She lived most of her life in Massachusetts on a tree lined street, in a very big three story house with a wraparound porch, and a giant dutch elm tree right in middle of her front yard! I was fortunate enough to have visited her a couple of times even though I lived in California. During my childhood, I would write to her at least once a month and she always wrote back and sent a little trinket along with her letter, and my mom and I would call her often. Each time she visited us, she had what I called her "magic tea cup" that she knew I loved, and she got a kick out of how my face lit up everytime she lifted the cup and it "magically" played wonderful music! I will never forget riding in the well known "swan boats" in the park in Boston with her at my side holding my hand. My great grandmother just loved sitting with me and just holding my hand, she'd rub my hands and comment on how soft they always felt (I always thought hers were soft too).
Towards the end of her life, my great grandmother moved from her house in Massachusetts and moved in with my grandparents in California. It was sad to see her lose her independence, but the bright side was that I then got to spend a lot more time with her, and I took advantage of every opportunity. I spent most of my free days taking her on outings that were just the two of us, whether it was an afternoon lunch, or making fun of ugly outfits in department stores. I just loved to bring her flowers every once in while just seeing the big smile on her face was well worthwhile! She'd always tell me not to bring her flowers because they die too soon, but judging by the big smile that crept across her face every time she received them, I could tell she loved it when I did.
My great grandmother was the most wonderful person in world to me, and the world became a sadder place the day she left it. She will always hold a very special place in my heart and mind.

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