Friday, July 3, 2009

Simple joys and pleasures

I love the simple joys and pleasures in life. We have two pugs, Lacy and Lilly who are a constant source of smiles, love, laughter! I came home from running errands today to find Lilly running and jumping all around our first floor. The second I saw this happening, I could only think of one thing and that's what we call "killer kibble". Lilly will take a piece of dry dog food (kibble)in her mouth and literally toss it into the air, and run and attack it when it lands! There are even times when Lilly will howl and give the kibble "a piece of her mind". I mean Lilly will hunt down a single piece of kibble like she a secret agent on a mission! It's just hilarious! With that kind of entertainment,who needs TV? Who knew a piece of kibble could give so much simple pleasure for her? It also brings enterainment to her older sister Lacy, who loves to watch Lilly go crazy.
Watching Lilly take a simple thing like a piece of kibble, and have so much fun with it, reminds me of other simple pleasures and joys in life. I remember watching my niece and nephew when they were really little, open their presents on Christmas morning and have more fun with the wrapping paper and empty boxes than with their gifts! I just loved the looks on their faces when they turned an empty box into their "car" and pretended to drive! My grandmother said she used to sit me down on a couch with a box of photos and that always kept me busy for awhile. Again, simple pleasures!

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