Friday, July 17, 2009

Simple pleasures/surprises

I realized a long time ago that the best things in life are "simple pleasures". Some of the things that I enjoy doing or receiving are simple. Things like serving my husband an occasional breakfast in bed, getting his clothes ready for him before he leaves for work in the morning, touching his hand while we watch a movie. I've even driven to his workplace and "kidnapped" him when he was leaving work to take him to a "surprise" place for the day! My husband also surprises me in return (I just love it!). I woke up this past Sunday morning and was told to hurry up and get dressed, then get in the car! I instantly knew I was in for one his "surprise trips"! I got in the car and off we went!
While on the road I was given 6 guesses as to where we were going, I was wrong on five of the six (but, was not told if I was right either). Next thing I knew we were in Pennsylvania (we live in Ohio). When we got off the highway in Eerie I knew where we were going. We ended up pulling into a parking garage across the street from our surprise destination. The surprise place was a double A ballpark called "Jerry Uht Field" which is the home of the Eerie Seawolves! We both love baseball and going to different parks, seeing different teams and cities. We both love the simple pleasure of going to minor league baseball games, tickets aren't expensive for seats close to the field. Also, the players are more approachable, and usually happy to sign an autograph. The weather was perfect, the Seawolves defeated the Akron Arrows (minor league team for the Cleveland Indians). Sunday was a wonderful sunny day of the simple pleasure of togetherness and baseball.

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