Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall thoughts

Believe it or not, fall is here! Fall has been here for a little while, but the first time I really felt the presence of fall was on Halloween. I took our older pug Lacy out for a little walk on Halloween afternoon. While on our walk I took in all the colorful leaves! Leaves on trees and leaves "crunching" under my feet. I saw leaves bursting with bright golds, yellows, oranges and reds, front porches adorned with carved pumpkins, plastic ghosts and blown up Frankensteins! The crispness in the air gave a slight chill to my face as we walked down the street. I love fall. I love the sight of pumpkins, the colors of leaves changing, the crisp feeling in the air, and the fun of Halloween and the coming holidays!
After my walk, I quickly got to work on carving our Halloween pumpkin. This year I decided on a Disney themed pumpkin, so I gave our pumpkin a Mickey Mouse face. Later, the pumpkin was lit and ready to greet "trick or treaters"! Jason and I both love Halloween, we get excited just picking out the candy to pass out! Seeing the "trick or treaters" in their costumes and the smiles on their little faces when they say "trick or treat" is just priceless!
Now it's November, and on to planning for Thanksgiving!

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