Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I spent part of the day today cleaning and "reorganizing" some drawers. It is absolutely amazing how much "junk" one can find! In one particular drawer I found a clear plastic ruler from who knows where, a very used black calculator that I don't remember ever buying(my husband told me he used the calculator in college back in 1992). The calculator and ruler are now in the trash. I have no idea how pen caps without pens ended up there (I think maybe one pen cap got in there and multiplied itself!) Also, how did one baseball card make it out of my husband's boxed baseball card collection (which is located in the basement)and into my upstairs drawer? Hmmm.. After a few old receipts were trashed and some wayward pennies were rounded up and put in my little kitchen bank, I was done! I felt a small since of accomplishment, but was still amazed at how much "junk" one drawer can accumulate! Well, one drawer conquered and 5 more to go!

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