Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Question of the day

The question of the day is:

What items do you wish you had from your parents' living room?

When thinking about this question, there are three items I would love to have from my parents' living room:

1. The round end table/curio cabinet.
My parents had a wonderful end table with a beautiful wood finish, that also had a glass curio cabinet in the body of the table. My mother housed her animal firgurine collection in this table. I used to love to open up the cabinet door, reach in and switch on the little light inside the cabinet. Next, I would turn off the lights in the living room, and enjoy the "glow" of the table. I've always thought it was really exquisite and beautiful!

2. The curved sectional couch.
The most eye catching item in the room was the huge 4 piece curved sectional couch. This couch played host to many family Christmas mornings, childhood "tents", and cozy book readings. I remember my dad telling me he bought the couch at a garage sale in the mid sixties for only $25.00! The couch was always in perfect condition, never showed any wear. My brother Mark and I used to take bed sheets into the living room, lay them along the top of the couch secured with pillows, carefully extend the sheets out to make a tent. We brought in a small TV and watched movies underneath in the tent while we ate popcorn.

3. Great Grandma's rocking chair.
My Grandma was rocked to sleep in this chair as an infant, as was my mom, my brother and I, and my nephew & niece. A family heirloom and the best rocking chair in the world! As a little girl I rocked my baby dolls to "sleep" in this chair also. It was a "magical" chair!

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