Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello Again!

Hello again to everyone out there! I've been gone for way too long! After taking a break during the holidays and spending time with my family out in sunny California, I am back! My husband and I had a wonderful Christmas with just the two of us in a cabin tucked away in a snowy forest, about 50 feet from a beautiful lake! We had quite a few welcomed daily visitors of the four legged kind that greeted us each morning, and returned each late afternoon. Our "company" was so cute, I couldn't resist taking their pictures! We also traveled to New York city and did the typical "touristy" things such as walking in Times Square, seeing the beautiful tree at Rockefeller Center, walking past Radio City Music Hall, and viewing the Staue of Liberty from Battery Park!
Along with travelling, I've been once again exploring the "artist in me", doing some painting, drawing, photography etc... I've even sold a few of my creations! It surprises me what the combination of "winter doldrums", family, and everday life can sometimes bring out in me artistically.

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