Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is here! Well, almost.

Ahhh, clear blue, sunny sky, temperature is actually above freezing for the first time in months! Birds are chirping in the distance, my pugs Lilly and Lacy are both lying the sun that is shining through the window. The downside of this wonderfulness is there's still snow in our yard that's, I'm not kidding you waist high! We keep joking to each other that it will be July before we see any grass! As I am writing this, my husband is desperately "channel surfing" in search of any spring training major league baseball game that might be on, as if watching a baseball game is going to make spring arrive any faster!
I have to admit, there things about winter that I enjoy and miss during other parts of the year. Christmas is my favorite day of the year and of course it's during winter. I love watching the snowflakes gently fall to the ground, I think an untouched blanket of snow on the ground is beautiful. On the comical side, my husband and I have some seriously hilarious snowball fights in our yard from time to time, and I about fall over laughing when watching my husband try to run in thigh high snow to track down a wayward pug, who has wondered into the neighbor's yard! believe me, what I've just described is a sight to behold! Spring will soon be here and the snow will soon be gone, and the snowball fights will be put on hold for another 7 months. I will welcome spring, but will in some ways miss winter.

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