Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When New Years rolls around, I don't make "official" resolutions. The kind of resolutions I make are to myself (and are kept to myself). This year one of my little resolutions was to be more disciplined and less of a procrastinater. I make myself little lists every day, and check things off as they are done. The more important things are first on the list and so on.... Now I'm not perfect at it and the list isn't set in stone or anything, but I am proud to say that lately I have been at nearly 100% of list completeness! Nearly 100%, until yesterday! The second my hubby turned the key in his car's ignition I mean the second the car started, an odor that smelt in a weird way like burnt cinnamon arose from that darn car! I had a sinking feeling my "list" was going to go "out the window". After the smell and my husband pulling out of the driveway the phone call came. On the phone was my worried hubby telling me the car was making a loud "roaring" sound when ever he sped up and the smell was still lingering. I calmly told him I would look at his car when he got home from work (yes, I know more about cars than my husband). He was on his way to work, and after eating breakfast I started on my list. I wasn't even 1/2 way thru the first thing on my list when my phone rang yet again. Again, on his break, he was calling me and insisting his car needed to go and get fixed today "immediately"!
At that moment I realized I was going to have to meet him on his lunch break and switch cars with him, so I could take his to our mechanic. This also meant possibly spending hours at the repair shop waiting while the car was being worked on (list out the window!). I wasn't mad at my husband (he thought I was)I was mad at the situation, and the fact I wasn't going to get anything done. Why can't the car act up on my schedule darn it! I know that will never happen.
I was right, I spent many hours waiting in the car repair's waiting area. I did have some comic relief when a jerk of a customer with a really bad toupee accidentally spilt coffee on himself when he sat down! Karma! What pay back!
Anyway, many hours and $900.00 later (Ouch!)the car was finally fixed! I know "life happens" and things definitely don't always go as planned no matter how we much try. I know one thing, today's list is definitely going to get done, hopefully! My fingers are crossed!

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julochka said...

i'm a list-maker too, but i always put at least one thing on the list that i've already done, so that i get to check it off right away. cheating? probably. a psychological trick? yes, but it's how it works for me. :-)

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