Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fateful Day

11 years ago today I met my husband. It was a day we both will never forget.
My husband and I were both working for the same major airline. I was working at Oakland airport (Oakland CA) and he was working at Columbus airport (Columbus OH).
A friend of mine (who I met through working with the airline)was also working in Columbus OH (we met through an airline training session in Phoenix AZ). I had made arrangements for my friend to come out and go to an Oakland A's game with me. We were both baseball fans and I used to get free Oakland A's tickets through a co-worker who lived next door to an Oakland A's player (on an airline agent's salary free was all I could afford anyway).
We made plans to go to the 12p.m. game on April 19th 1999, the A's were playing the Cleveland Indians that day (weird thing is, from 2003 to 2007 I worked for the Cleveland Indians!).
About 3 days before the game, my friend calls and asks me if they could bring a friend from Columbus to the game with them. I told them yes, but their friend will have to buy their own ticket (I only had 2), he said that was fine, I told him I would pick them up at the airport and we'd head straight to game from there. Everything was set.
I was at the airport around 9:30 a.m. on April 19th 1999. A big crowd of passenegers were making their way to baggage claim.
In the crowd I saw a man wearing a Cleveland Indians cap, with a Cleveland Indians jersey and khaki shorts, with a great big smile on his face! The first thing I said to myself was "oh my God, that's got to be the friend, because no one else would wear that here".Has to be them!
I was attracted to my husband's smile and his big brown eyes immediately, even though I'm a die hard A's fan, I looked past the Indians garb!
I liked him so much I was nervous around him, even standing next to him made me tingle! I had never felt that way about anyone before!
The funny thing is he thought I didn't like him, because everytime he'd try to start a conversation with me I gave him the cold shoulder. I later told him I was too nervous to talk and was afraid I wouldn't make sense!
We went to the game and the Indians beat the A's on that day. Afterwards I drove my friend and my future husband back to the airport. We exchanged e-mail addresses with each other and said our goodbyes. The rest is history!
If someone would have told me on April 19th 1999 that I was looking at my future husband, I would have thought they were kidding!
My husband still remembers what I was wearing that day. He has told me that never in a million years did he think he was going to fly to California to see a baseball game for a few hours, and end up meeting his future wife!
He still makes me tingle!

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Anonymous said...

well, I thought the story was he was the wrong man but the smile was cute it didn't matter. I was thinking you'd get to that, unfortunately not. fine. i'm still single and still waiting for my man.

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