Friday, April 9, 2010

Rain, Food & Friends

  Today was the day of the first "guy trip" of this year.  My husband and his buddies had been looking forward to this day for a month now!  My husband and three friends were going pile into our car and take a "roady" a few hours away to Pittsburgh to go to the Pirates vs L.A. Dodgers game!
  Everything was all set for this trip.  Everybody was going to meet at our house, I was going to get donuts and make coffee for the guys, I got my husband's baseball jersey, hat, glove out the night before.  I mean everything was ready.
  The trip was a total "go" until this morning.  Yes, we awoke to the sound of rain hitting our bedroom windows.  First thing we did was turn on the news to watch the weather report.  The forecast was nothing but rain and thunderstorms all throughout Ohio and most of Pennsylvania!  UGH!  Next thing you know, we received three seperate phone calls from the other guys saying they didn't want to go because of the rain. 
  My husband is one of the most die hard baseball fans I've ever met!  He was practically on his hands and knees begging, trying to convince each guy that "there's only supposed to be a little bit of rain" or "we can wear ponchos, we'll stay dry enough, really" etc...  I felt sorry for him.
  I then told my husband to call the guys and invite them over for lunch and baseball watching (we have the Major League Baseball package through our Satellite Dish company).
  Each guy accepted.  I made some homemade pizza and nachos, we had drinks etc...  A couple of guys brought their wives with them and we ended up having a great day of Baseball, Pizza & Friends!

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Anonymous said...

looked to me like a perfect wife. err. life.mmmmm I hate washing dishes.

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