Thursday, April 15, 2010

To "Hell" and back!

  Hello blogosphere!  I'm back!  I haven't been writing for the past fews days at least and I missed it!
I feel like I've been to "Hell" and back!
  It all started last sunday 4/12.  The only thing good about that day was that it was my brother's birthday (he's now 48 yrs old going on 10 (mentally anyway!)).  I wished him a "Happy Birthday" that day, then everything went down hill from there!
  The "Hell" started when my husband innocently logged into his facebook account and found that it had been "hacked"!  After his reaction of "s*&%t", he changed his password and warned his friends not open anything from him.
  Well, before we knew it, our computer had been completely infected with a very nasty "virus".  A security scan revaled something like 22 "Trojans" and several "spyware and malware" viruses had taken over our system!  AGH!
  Apparently my husband had hit some kind of trigger that "opened the flood gates" and let this virus take over!  We then called every company we have accounts with and changed our passwords and got new account numbers assigned just in case to protect us!  "Hell!"
  We weren't even able to access our security programs on our computer to erase the bugs, or go on the internet. Each time we tried we got redirected to a fake "website" stated we had to "purchase" "their software" in order to log onto the internet asked us to enter in a credit card number, we're smart enough to know not to do that.  Oh and by the way , our emails were also "hacked".
  Finally after 2 days of nonstop virus fighting, as of last night I was "victorious" in the battle!  I finally got our system restored and the virus is now long gone!!  Today I feel like I've been to a mental "Hell" and came back a winner!

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Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

That sucks pond water! Glad you were able to emerge victorious from hell! :)

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