Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I Love/ Favorite Things: Day 4 (Necklace)

  When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was to go straight to my mom's closet.  When I opened my mom's closet I would stand in awe of all the beautiful clothes she had hanging in there.  My mom had a lot of clothes (and she still does!).  My parents had three closets in their bedroom (they had a third closet put in) and two of three closets belonged to my mom.  I'd put on her clothes and shoes and play "dress up".
   After I raided her closet, my next target was of course her jewelry box.  She had a big beige colored jewlery box that played music and opened into two levels when opened.  When I opened her jewelry box I was only after one thing.  That one thing was a very long beaded necklace!
  I've always been drawn to the wonderful blues, pinks, burgundys, and deep beiges of the beads.   As a little girl I'd sneak into the jewelry box and put it on whenever I got the chance.  As a teenager I'd do the same thing accept I was putting it on when going out with friends, and getting in trouble when I forgot to give the necklace back!  As an adult, I'd ask my mom if I could borrow the necklace.
  On day after I got married, I received a box of things of mine from my parents.  The box had the last "reminants" of my old bedroom, stuff like my high school yearbooks, some old cassette tapes, a doll or two etc....  But, also in the box was a padded envelope containing my favorite beaded necklace!
   I see the necklace everyday (I have it hanging on our dresser mirror), and I wear them from time to time.  The colors in the beads always put a smile on my face, I just love them!  The little girl in me still loves this necklace, and I don't think that will ever change!

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