Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things I Love/ Favorite Things: Day 3 (My Blanket)

  My "magical" blanket was bought by me at a arts and wine festival 15 years ago.  It's a wonderful hand woven, richly colored, sun and moon reversible (blue on one side and gold on the other) blanket.  I remember I bought it directly from the weaver that made it, which in my mind makes it even more special.  I had a sun and moon decor in my bedroom then, from the sun and moon wallpaper border to the little, blue star shaped candles on my desk.
  The blanket was proudly featured on my bed each day.  I spent many nights snuggled underneath my blanket dreaming, sleeping, watching T.V, studying, talking on the phone, crying my way through heartbreak every now and then.  My blanket has always been there to provide warmth and comfort.
  My "magical" blanket (I call it magical because it's always "magically" had a way to soothe me).  The first time I woke up in Jason's (my husband) arms, we were snuggled underneath this wonderful blanket, and realized I was I falling in love with him!
  The first time I heard Jason say the words "I love you", I was sitting by a fire wrapped in this blanket.  When I moved in with Jason, my blanket was the first thing I moved to his place, and laid it on the bed.
  In our house, the blanket is always lovingly draped on our living room sofa.  I still snuggle under it quite often.  It's my favorite companion when I'm reading, quietly listening to music, or watching snow fall outside during the winter months.  Jason likes to cover himself with it while he lies on the sofa listening to his favorite CD's, and eventually falls asleep (never fails, he always fall asleep under it!) lol!
  My blanket will never lose it's "magic"

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