Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking It Easy

  I hardly ever get sick, but for the past week I've had a bug that I just couldn't shake.  So annoying!  Today I'm still not 100%  (more like 60%), but at least I have more energy today.  I have had some positives during my "down time" so it's not all bad.  I had time to read (which I seem to never have time for), organize photos into albums, catch up on some movies I've never seen such as "White Oleander", "The blind side", "Julia & Julia" just to name a few. 
  During the days I've had our 2 pugs Lacy & Lilly constantly at my side.  At night, I've had my husband/nurse taking care of me.  I slept through dinner one night (wasn't hungry anyway!), and when i woke up, my husband/nurse led me down the hall to a candle lit bathroom with soft classical music playing and a hot bubble bath waiting for me!  I was also given the best back massage while soaking in the tub!  So soothing!  I could have stayed in that moment forever.  The moment will be in my mind and heart forever though.
  In the next day or two, I'm hoping for more positives and less feeling "yucky".  Keeping my fingers crossed.


Barb said...

Hope you are feeling better! I'm glad you had the pugs to keep you company. Chili is on the mend. She gets her stitches out Monday.

Anonymous said...

So, that's why. I've been logging in to check for several days now. glad you're back, get well soon.

julochka said...

hope you're feeling 100% by now. i, on the other hand am not. sigh. it seems like i've caught every bug that came along this winter/spring. this one i blame on the allergies, but found out from the dr. today it's actually pneumonia! i knew it was a bit more than an ordinary cold, but somehow the dr. putting a name on it makes it that much worse. anyway, it makes me long for a bubble bath, but until we build on, we've only got a shower. sniff...

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