Friday, May 7, 2010


Girls' Night Out Cocktail Party Deluxe Party Kit  As of this morning, I'm on a mini vacation!  No, not the kind of vacation where I had to pack and travel somewhere.  I'm on a mini vaction right here in my home!
  My vacation started this morning with my husband leaving the house with suitcase in hand, and driving away.  My husband drove a couple of hours away to help his brother move furniture out of their mother's (she passed away last August) house before the sale on it is finalized.  I chose to stay home.  It's too much chaos to travel with and take care of 2 dogs while moving furniture out visiting family etc...
  So at least until he returns, I am on a "put my feet up, relax, chinese food, cheesecake eating, wine drinking, chic flick watching, long bubble bath taking, night out with the girl's" vacation!

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Holly Renee said...

Bubble baths! Chinese food! Chick flicks!! I'm in love with you!!! What a splendid vacation at home indeed.

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