Monday, June 28, 2010

Martha Stewart watch out!

  Yes, I said it, "Martha Stewart watch out!"  I was quite the "domestic" type today, and that's probably why I'm yawning as I type this!
  I started the day making homemade pancakes for breakfast (they were awesome!)  Followed by reorganizing my kitchen cabinets and cleaning the refrigerator.  I then caught up on all the clothes and dog toys that needed mending.  Mid morning was spent helping our good friends (they are moving far away from us in two days (we are so upset!)) sort through their things they want me to sell for them at our neighborhood yard sale.  I had a important date with my mop around noon, and for now have kitchen floors without paw prints on them, and a shiny hardwood floor throughout the rest of the house!
  For lunch, I threw together a spinach salad with strawberries, grilled chicken and slivered almonds that I love, and it was perfect for the hot, humid weather we had today.  After lunch, I made homemade chocolate chip cookies and brought them over to our busy moving friends so they could have something to snack on while packing boxes etc...Seeing the smiles on their faces was all the thanks I needed.
  I got home and vacuumed our basement floor (half of it is carpeted) and swept the other half.  I finally finished, neatly folded, and put away all our laundry, swept our driveway. 
  Next item was cooking dinner , which was easy (I prepared everything the night before).  I definitely earned my "Martha Stewart-ness" today! 

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