Friday, June 4, 2010

Origins of interests

  I spoke with my mom for only a few minutes today.  In the few minutes I spoke with my mom, I found out something that I never knew before.  My mom and I were talking about one of my favorite hobbies, which is horseback riding.  I have always loved horses and horseback riding, and in my short conversation with her I found a key to why I have that interest.
  It turns out that my grandfather on my dad's side, was a "trick rider" in the late 1930's - early 1940's!  He used to perform at rodeos.  This not only explains my inherited interest, but it explains some other things also.  I remember when I was about 7 years old and my grandparents took my brother and I camping for a week one summer.  The campground we stayed at offered activities such as a playground, swimming pool & waterslide, campfires and horseback riding.  I begged my grandparents every morning to take me horseback riding, my grandmother always said "no" but my grandfather never had a problem taking me. 
  Each morning when we arrived at the campground stables, my grandfather would help me up on my assigned horse, then he'd show me how he learned to "mount" a horse.  He would stand with his right shoulder up against the horse (facing the same way as the horse), grab the saddle horn with his right hand and jump into back flip and land on the saddle!  Amazed me everytime I saw it!  In later years, he and I enjoyed going to rodeos together, explains a lot.
  Another big interest I've always had is my love airplanes and flying.  The origins of this interest have always been known to me.  My grandfather on my mother's side was a navy pilot during WWII, later he became a naval officer, when he retired from the military he got his pilots license and flew corporate jets.  I was always fascinated by his stories about the aircraft he flew in the war, and loved looking through his aircraft pictures.  My grandparents took me to airshows and to see the Blue Angels when they performed nearby.  I ended up taking "Aeronautical Science" classes in college (I also was taking flying lessons during this time), then did weight and balance configurations for a major airline for 4 years (which I loved!).
  I did inherit interests from my grandmothers also.  My grandmother on my mother's side loved gourmet cooking and she also loved learning about different countries and their cuisines, customs etc...  I love trying dishes from other countries and learning about their customs, it's fascinating to me.  I also really enjoy cooking gourmet meals and learning new recipes etc...  My grandmother on my dad's side was always into making wonderful crafts, she was always in the middle of some craft project, and I also find myself always in the middle of one!  I start one after another just like she did.
  It's funny, neither of my parents inherited any of these interests from their parents, and I seem to be the only grandchild(out of 11 total grandchildren adding both sides together) that did.  Hmm...

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Anonymous said...

It is my (mine alone) belief that when grandparents pass their thoughts on to their children, their children would say (crab) but the grandkids listen. that's why my grandparents passed more to me than my parents did.ha, ha,. i'm richer.

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