Thursday, July 22, 2010

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

One place where my husband and I vastly differ is food. I will try a much larger variety of food than he will. My husband is the pickiest, most unadventuress eater I have ever known. With a few exceptions, I will try anything once!
If we ever travel to a foreign country we might here a citizen of that country say to us "If you feel hunger, try lizard feet" or "frog legs", alligator (although I did try alligator once, and it did as they say "taste like chicken"), I've even heard of people eating snake! I don't know if I could stomach the thought of eating snake, but I would probably try it if no one told me what it was and I couldn't tell what it was.
I am willing to try a lot of different foods, but I would draw the line at some point I know. I don't know how people like Anthony Bourdain, or the guy on "Man vs. Food" do it! I think they will eat anything!

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Elizabeth said...

I'm a middle of the road eater...seriously just thinking about snakes creeps me out. Hate 'em. I may need medical attention if one sat in front of me on a plate.

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