Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy Days, New Horizons

  I know I've been gone for awhile, but I'm back.  The past 2 weeks have just been plain "nuts" around here!
Our wedding anniversary was on Aug 18th (9 years!), my husband had to work that day, which is no big deal.  The "big deal" came at about 5 min before he was scheduled to leave work.  Five muntes before my husband was scheduled to leave work, he was asked to see his supervisor who then told him he was "terminated"!  He was totally blindsided!  He had been with this company for 10 1/2 years without any problems, and was a "top performer" consistantly every month (and was recognized within the company every month and was in the top 8% of the company's achievers nationally).  Everyone thinks it's because the company is "cost cutting" by terminating employees with tenure.  Basically  "IT STINKS!" and on our anniversary!!  Needless to say, we didn't feel like celebrating!
  On the same day, a friend of ours was chopping wood and ended up chopping half of his index finger off! OUCH!!  My husband now refers to him as "Mr. 9 and 1/2" luckily he has a sense of humor about it!
  One of the things that we've had to adjust to is that we are having to spend a lot more time together at home (which at times is driving me crazy!).  I've been helping my husband with posting his resume, filing for unemployment, looking for work etc... 
  Another thing is that my husband has had ADD his whole life, so if he isn't busy, it's like he's "bouncing off the walls".  He'll literally walk around the house saying "I gotta get out, there has to be something for me to do, I gotta do something" over and over, major cabin fever. 
  We'll get through it.  I know he'll land on his feet, he's got a lot going for him.

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