Friday, August 27, 2010

Forging Ahead

  The past 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy around here, and a big cause of the craziness has been my husband.  He's been unemployed for all of 2 weeks, and he is still bouncing off the walls.  The pur guy just cannot make up his mind what he wants to do next.  One minute he's looking on the computer looking for work, and the next he's on his phone talking to friends about buying into a franchise pizza place, or he's telling me that he wants to just pack everything up in the car and just leave and start all over again.  His mind is all over the place sometimes. 
  I have decided to be the "calm in the storm", I have been the voice of reason in the house and have been calmly forging ahead trying to find my own new career path.  Yes I will still continue to work for my brother, but business is down right now, so I'm looking for some supplemental income in the mean time (preferrably outside the home so I can get away from the craziness).  There are some things (well not many actually) about working in the corporate world I miss, and the biggest thing is the commeraderie I've had with co-workers, having lunches out etc...Hopefully I can be the bread winner for a little while till my husband figures out what he wants to do.
  I told my husband that anything he decides to do I am 100%  behind him and that I love him.  I really hope he finds his niche in world!  I love him so much!

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