Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never A Good Time

There is never a good time for things in the house to break down, especially now! Right now we are both unemployed, and of course now is the time our shower floor decided to let water leak down through our kitchen ceiling!
So today we had a contractor that was recommended to us by our friends (who had the same problem with their shower) take a look at it. It turns out that our shower pan needs replacing and we need to have part of our kitchen ceiling replaced due to water damage. We are going to have to have our shower floor gutted out for the repair and have our shower floor retiled.
The shower retiling would not be a big deal, but since the bathroom tile was custom made for the previous owner, it cannot be matched. Most of our bathroom is tiled, including the walls, with the custom made unmatchable tile. Basically just having the shower repaired is going to cause us to have the whole bathroom retiled so it goes all together! Then we found out that our insurance won't cover it! Our insurance compant said it was "preventable" and replacing a shower pan is considered to be "regular shower maintenance". Also, our policy does not cover water damage unless it's "catastrophic". I guess if one of us would have fallen through the shower floor while showering then we would have been covered!
We spent the day dealing with the contractor, insurance adjuster, and picking out the new tile for our bathroom.
We're not looking forward to having our kitchen and bathroom torn up or having to spend the money for it(couldn't have come at a worse time!).
I just keep thinking how nice it will look when it's all done, and it will add value to our house whenever we do decide to sell it, so at least there are some positives to it. But again, never a good time!

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