Friday, November 5, 2010


  It's November, the weather is colder, leaves are changing color, we got our first snow today (didn't stay long though).  With the fall season and Thanksgiving coming soon, I have had cravings for pumpkin pie, cookies etc...I only eat these things around this time of year so I guess it shouldn't surprise me.  What I'm about worried is that since my husband was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, both of us have not been eating any sweets at all.  In fact, my husband has lost 45 lbs since July and I've lost 20 lbs, and I definitely don't want to gain any back during the holidays. 
  I think my best plan of action is to step up my exercise routine and indulge my cravings in moderation.  My husband is a lot more strong willed about these things than I am, so I'm not quite as worried about him caving in. 
  The upcoming holidays are going to be even tougher this year. because my grandmother passed away earlier this year and the holidays  are not going to be the same!  It's going to be a real temptation to turn to the holiday "comfort foods" when I'm missing my grandmother, and I really have to fight doing that

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