Thursday, March 17, 2011

Calm after "chaos"

  Tonight was the first sense of calm we've had in a while in our house.  My husband and I are both settled now in our new jobs (I love my job, my husband hates his job).  While we have settled into our jobs, chaos has been going on around us.  Our work lives have been the "eye" in the "tornado" that is home ownership.  Last december, our shower in our upstairs bathroom (the only full bathroom inthe house) decided to leak through our kitchen ceiling and into the kitchen light fixtures, which could have been a recipe for diseaster, but thankfully wasn't.  The bathroom had to be completely gutted out and totally rebuilt.  After one month of having a bathroom with no shower, no walls, no floor, heat, many checks written to the contractor, and last but not least more than a few arguements with our insurance company (who refused to cover the repairs!).  We now have an awesome new bathroom!  2 weeks of calm then set in and then,  just when life was getting back to normal, water started streaming into our bedroom right through one of our window panes!  Right through the middle of it, and down onto our bedroom carpet. Agh!
  Our bedroom window started another storm of chaos, we had to move into our much smaller guest room with a much smaller bed.  This second wave of chaos included another round of dealing with insurance (which thankfully covered repairs this time), contractors, and living in a "construction zone" for another month and a half.  I mean, half of the wall with the leaking window had to be demolished, repaired/rebuilt, repainted, recarpeted.  After 2 months of living in our guest room, tonight is the first night back in our "new" bedroom.  As I breathe in the new carpet, new paint smell, I finally feel a sense of calm coming over our house again, like the house is breathing a sigh of relief.  Hopefully our house doesn't throw any more surprises our way for a while and a sense of order can start to take place.  A sense of calm.

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