Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Gratitude: A JournalAfter about a year and a half of being unemployed, I was lucky enough to find a job.  I was even luckier to find one that pays more than my previous job did and to find a company that cares more about their employees than my previous "big name, worldwide corporation" employer does.  I am still working in the "corporate world" but it's more of a "corporate world with a heart" in a way.  Now I know I've only been there for three months, in fact I started a few days before Christmas (a job is a wonderful christmas gift!), but I felt right at home from the first second I stepped through the door my first day!
  When i first got to my desk on my first day, I was welcomed with a neatly wrapped Christmas gift and card sitting on my desk with my name on it, little touches like that stand out to me, it was a great way to make me feel at ease on my first day and set the tone for my new job.  I work both independantly and in a team setting. right from the beginning my team made me feel welcome and to me they are my extended family.  For the first time in years, I don't dread going into work, I enjoy it and at times it's actually fun. 
  Two weeks out of every month, we can wear jeans, and almost every week we have contests and drawings for prizes of all kinds and twice a week the company brings in breakfast for everyone and once in a while has lunch catered for everyone.  Yes it's great to feel appreciated!  I am grateful!

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