Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quiet Night

  With my husband and pugs sleeping soundly all snuggled in bed together, I am spending some "me time" enjoying sitting here typing while I'm watching the movie "Father of the bride".  I am enjoying this time  right now, I'm taking advantage of the fact that I'm not surrounded by somone talking on their cell phone, or swearing at the baseball player that struck out at the plate on t.v.  Right now I'm not surrounded by phones ringing, people talking , walking back and forth between offices.  I am relaxed and clear headed for the first time today.
  For the year and a half that I was unemployed, I forgot just how crazy life can be with working full time and taking care of your house and family, it's a delicate balance.
  I try to carve out time for myself everyday whether it's staying up late like tonight or walking a few miles on our treadmill.  I have realized my "me time" is important to keep the balance, and as my husband has put it, i get down right "cranky" (I'm putting it nicer than he does) if I don't take time for myself.
  In a minute, I will be going to bed rested, with a clear head, have a restful sleep and get ready to face the day tomorrow.  Good Night!

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