Saturday, November 7, 2009


My husband loves American history, so every once in a awhile, I record documentaries for him and we watch them together. Last week we watched a documentary following the moments before and after the infamous JFK assasination.
We started talking about our trip to Dallas last year when we visited Dealy Plaza and the School book depository museum. When we visited Dealy Plaza, is was both eerie and amazing at the same time, very surreal. We were amazed how Dealy Plaza looks the same as it did on that fateful day.
That trip, got us wondering "what were our parents doing when JFK was shot?".
When we returned to our hotel, I called my parents and asked them that same question. My mom said she was at home with my brother( who was just over a year old then), she said she was folding laundry when the news broke over the T.V. My dad said he was at work at the local grocery store. My husband then called his parents and asked the question. My mother inlaw said she was in her high school science class when the when the announcement was made. My father inlaw was in the middle of a high school rally when a sobbing teacher walked in to the auditorium and broke the news. Everyone agreed, that it was one of those moments in time when you will always remember where you were and what you were doing. The same goes for the space shuttle exploding, and 9/11.

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