Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Domestic goddess, well at least for today.

I never thought in a million years that I would be excited about finally getting a steam mop! But, there I was this morning grinning ear to ear as I waited in line and paid for my brand new steam mop!
In the car on the way home I was humming to an 80's song that I love "Freeze Frame" and thinking how much easier cleaning the floors today is going to be!
J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame
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  I've wanted a steam mop/floor care system for a while. I hate to use chemicals on the floors especially with 2 pugs walking on them, picking their toys up off the floor, sleeping, eating dropped dog food off the floors that I cleaned with chemicals.
The instructions to put the mop together were really easy. When it was all ready I filled the tank up and plugged it in. Steam arose from the bottom pad like smoke coming out of a dragon's mouth. With a couple of pumps of the handle, I was ready to start.
Once I started, gone were the dingey marks left by slightly muddy paw prints, also gone were the scuff marks from my hiking boots, also just general dirt from being a high traffic area. My kitchen tile was spotless!
The rest of our house has hardwood floors, which also had some areas marked by paw prints, all now look shiny and new!
The mop made floor cleaning much easier, and I do feel like a "domestic goddess"! A domestic goddess that kept singing "Freeze Frame" in her head the whole time, but a goddess nontheless!
Now if I can only get a robot that dusts and does laundry I'd be set!

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