Saturday, March 20, 2010

Working hard

  I've been gone the past couple of days, but for good reason.  I've mentioned my older brother Mark in past posts, and he is the reason I have been absent.  No, he isn't here visiting (he says not even a sister can bring a "California boy" to some place named "Ohio"!), unfortunatle he'll probably never "grace" me with his presence out here, I love him though! 
  My brother has given me a gift.  The gift is a job!  He has owned his own company since 1981 (he works out of his house), anyway he has just hired me as his "executive officer"/ "webmaster" of sorts.  My first order of business is to completely redisign his company's website!
  I have absolutely no experience in web design, yet when he offered me the position I jumped at it and said "yes" immediately without realizing what I got myself into! OMG!
  In a way it's the perfect situation for me, I can work from home and set my own hours.  I get paid for the time I spend building and maintaining the site, and get a portion of profits made from the site.  Sounds great!
  The past 2 days, visions of colors, codes, templates, fonts, logos, products etc... have been swimming around in my head like fish in an aquarium.  My head is spinning!  I am making head way though! Yeah!
  I just keep thinking that working from home is perfect for me, and who knows, maybe I can start my own web design business!  It definitely doesn't hurt to learn a new skill, and I always like a challenge.  But, right now the sun is shining and while the day is young, I'm going to take advantage!  The computer will be waiting for me when Lilly and I get back from the dog park!

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