Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Territory

I am embarking on a new frontier. No, I'm not talking about outer space, I'm talking about my new job. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am the newest employee of my brother's company. A few weeks ago I became just his "web designer/webmaster", I've designed a few pages already but am not done by far.
Yesterday my brother/boss called me all excited about his "potentially big, new idea!" He was so excited! After I said "hello" a voice that sounded as excited as a child on Christmas morning said "I have this potentially big new idea and just have to run it by you!" My response: "okay... what is it?" My brother said "Other than working on the website, I am developing a new product, and once it is developed, I want to ship the product and boxes for it to your house. Once you receive them, you put the boxes together and ship the product to fulfill orders. Oh, and also I need you to design another website when your done with the first one! Okay?"
A part of me wanted to say "are you crazy?!" But I didn't say it, instaead I said "You want me to design another website, and turn my house into a shipping center?" He said "yes, because I'm in California and will do western U.S. shipping. I want you to do the midwest and eastern U.S. shipping on top of being my webmaster." I jokingly asked him if he was going to install a conveyor belt in my family room and send me a forklift. He said "".
My brother's company has been successful since 1981, and I trust his business sense (I question his sanity at times, but he has good business sense!). I love my brother and am thankful that he gave me a job so I can work from home, which is perfect for me!
I like to take on new challenges so I'll see how this goes, I'm sure it will be fine. I know there's a "method to his madness"!

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