Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I Love/ My Favorite Things: Day 2 (Pug Love)

Today it's all about Pugs! Pugs! Pugs! Pugs! Pugs are my all time favorite dog breed.
It's really my parents' fault, because I caught the "Pug bug" from them!
About 10 1/2 years ago when I still lived in California, my mom and dad went on vacation to San Diego for a week. My mom and dad not only returned home with their luggage, they also had a extremely cute 8 week old Pug, they named Daisy! I took one look at Daisy's little wrinkled face and just fell in love! How could anybody resist! Pugs make my heart melt with their little wrinkled faces and pushed in noses, oh and their big brown eyes! I love the "snorting" sounds!
I moved to Ohio when Daisy was a year old. I moved in with my then boyfriend (who is now my husband). We lived in an apartment (no pets policy). The apartment seemed empty without a pug, I missed hearing "snorts" and hearing them over the phone wasn't enough!
My mom and dad started sending me pictures of Daisy and also Pug cards, they always put a big smile on my face!
The first order of business when we bought our first house was to get a dog! I wanted, you can guess it, a Pug! I didn't even want to look at other breeds. Don't get me wrong, I love all dogs, but I just wanted my own Pug.
We got our Pug Lacy a month after we moved in. She was 6 weeks old , and the cutest, tiniest thing you ever saw! OMG! We couldn't put her down, it was definitely "love at first sight" for my husband and I! Three years later, my husband got me another Pug as a Christmas present, he had me go on a scavenger hunt, and at the end was a little 6 week old pug puppy we named Lilly!
Our 2 Pugs together are unbelieveable! I love taking them to the dog park on sunny days, and watching them play together is "hilarious". We have true "Pug love" in our house.
I am posting a few pictures of our Pugs. Enjoy the "Pug love" today!


julochka said...

if i were to get a dog (which is unlikely), it would definitely be a pug. they're the most catlike of dogs and despite the snuffling, have a lot of dignity.

Barb said...

Jill, stopping by from Julochka's place. I'm a new pug mommy. We've had Chili since January. She's about 6 or 7 months old.
Love your pug love post!

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