Monday, April 19, 2010


  Each Friday night for the past few weeks, my husband has been taking me out for nice cozy dinners, just the two of us.  In my head I've been calling our Friday nights "date nights", I never told him I had a title for these nights (I didn't think he'd understand the idea of the "date night" title).
  I've been busy with the new tasks my brother has given me to help him with his business, and my husband works full time.  There's not a lot of time together during the week, so our Friday nights out have felt like reconnecting time (which is very welcomed).
  I know that sometimes our lives away from each other (our work lives) have a way of spilling over into our personal lives.  If my husband is stressed at work he tends to "bring it home" with him, he doesn't mean to but he sometimes has a hard time leaving work at work.  I am assisting my brother with his business from home so of course my work is at home, so my work life is home with my personal life.  I think we'd been letting work stresses get between us a bit too much.  I've thought this for a while but I didn't say anything to my husband, because I didn't want him to think he had a nagging wife on top of his stresses at work, no one needs that!
  But for the past few weeks we've had our nice dinners and been having deep, meaningful conversations with each other, holding hands while watching T.V, sleeping in together on weekends, eating breakfast in bed on the weekends, things we used to do when we were first married.  I feel we've been kind of reconnecting, and he's the one that started it!  Which makes it even more exciting and special.
  This weekend we didn't have any plans, so I thought it was going to be a really boring weekend.  We didn't do anything exciting.  Saturday we slept in really late, we went to a nice hotel for brunch (my husband's idea!), we picked out some new furniture together (instead of me going alone and picking it out, which is what usually happens), we ordered in pizza for dinner and rented a movie for the night.
  The funny thing is, after we ate our pizza for dinner, my husband said "let's spend "date night" upstairs and watch the movie in bed".  We snuggled up in bed and watched the movie together. 
  I know it sounds stupid, but I was completely stunned that he's been calling our nights "date nights" also, and this morning he asked "now wasn't that fun having "date night" upstairs in bed last night?"  Gotta love him!

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