Monday, April 5, 2010

Things I Love/ Favorite Things

  This morning I woke up with a very UNFAVORITE thing called "the flu", with fever , chills, aches, nausea...the whole thing!
  Even though I'm here in bed, I'm posting another one of my "favorite things".  Yesterday was Easter, so kind of in the spirit of yesterday I'm listing one of my favorite candies!  Here it is!
    That's right!  It's Jelly Bellies!   Much to the disgust of my husband (he really hates them!), which makes it more fun for me to eat them right in front of him to "gross him out".  The faces my husband makes when I'm, in his words "being disgusting" are well worth it and make me laugh so hard I cry!
  Jelly Bellies will put a smile on my face every time!  Love the flavors, love the colors, love them all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

some people find art in the mundane. I never see art in the stir fried vegetables i loved to cook. he,he,he.

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