Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crazy Days

Ever have those days when you want to pull your hair out? Well, that describes the past few days in our house!

The heat and humidity outside earlier this week was just "unbearable" and of course that's when our central air conditioning unit decided to die on us! The only room that was cool in our house was the family room (it has it's own wall unit air conditioner. Our family room thankfully has 2 couches in it, so neither of us had to sleep on the floor. I had my couch and my husband had his (oh and we each had a pug too!). We slept on those couches for no less than 5 nights straight! Our makeshift bedroom was quite a site, but it was cool enough and I didn't have to venture downstairs to take a dog or two out, so there were some positives!

Our close friends/next door neighbors were also packing up and moving. So, combined with the heat and humidity, I was also going back and forth between houses helping them out with anything they needed such as taking their kids somewhere, loaning them our carpet cleaner, helping them put unwanted items in our now full garage to sell at our neighborhood yard sale etc...

Just when I thought things were returning to "normal", Thursday rolled around. Thursday started out like any other morning. I got up took care of our dogs, helped my husband get ready for work etc... Well, about 1/2 hour after my husband got to work, he called me and said he needed me to pick him up from work right away! I asked him why, and he said "because I don't feel good and I'm messing up!" Now, my husband works at a computer and on the phone all day for a world wide corporation, so I couldn't figure out what he meant exactly. I told him to "sit tight" and I'd be there ASAP (takes about 15 min to get there from our house). I pulled up to the front door of his building. About a minute later, my husband was being assisted to the car by his manager, my husband couldn't walk straight on his own and looked very weak. His manager helped him into the car and then told me I should take him to the doctor (easier said then done since my husband has a fear of doctors!)

Aparently, my husband was on the phone working on an account and his speech was very slurred. A coworker happened to over hear my husband and was so concerned that she had his manager listen in on his phone. At that point they noticed he was slurring his words. The manager requested he come into his office. When my husband got up to see his manager, they noticed he also could hardly walk and had to be assisted, and that's when they called me to pick him up (they of course wouldn't let him drive).
I drove him home, called his doctor. His doctor could not fit him in for an appointment but did speak to him on the phone. His doctor put him on a very strict diet of no carbs, no sugar, can only drink water and made an appointment for this coming Monday where they will do blood work.
My husband's doctor thinks there's a very good chance that my husband has Diabetes! Ever since Thursday, my husband has been feeling very weak, excessively thirsty, and very tired.

He has been following the strict diet exactly as told, and I've been taking good care of him. Tonight I told my husband that "I've been helping our friends, taking care of him and the dogs. I'm taking care of everybody. But, who's goona take care of me?"
My husband said "I love you, and I'm going to fight whatever I've got. I will be here for you, to put my arms around you. I'll take care of you".

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