Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Amazing Alaska Part 1!

  Last August my parents took my older brother and I on a "once in a lifetime trip" on a 7 day cruise to Alaska!  Yes, my brother and left our significant others behind to spend an awesome week with our parents.  There hadn't been a vacation with just the four of us in over 30 years.  
  I flew from Ohio to Seattle Washington on August 17th, I got very excited when I saw  cruise ships from my airline seat window.
View of cruise ships from my window seat.
I spent a relaxing night at a hotel near the airport, the next morning I met my family, and we took an airport shuttle to the cruise ship!  Once we got on board our ship none of us could resist taking in the Seattle skyline.
The view on our way out to sea was just as amazing!

Our first full day on the cruise was spent at sea, we passed the time by going to the on board spa, walking around the ship, dining and enjoying the entertainment offered.  The first port we visited was Ketchikan, Alaska.  I awoke to the sight of pontoon planes landing on the water not far from our balcony, I couldn't stop watching them take off and land.  After watching the pontoon planes and eating breakfast, we set out to see Ketchikan.  My first order of business was to get a picture of my family with our cruise ship in the background.
I loved the character and feeling of the city of Ketchikan, and the beauty that surrounds it.
 And of course we had to get in a little zip lining while in Ketchikan!
 My 72 year old dad zip lining!
There goes my mom!
All four of us loved Ketchikan, and we definitely want to return for another visit.

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