Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Saturday!

  I'm on the tail end of my little "vacation", as my husband is on his way home (I have a little over 2 hours left).  Last night a wrinkle was put in "girl's night out plans".  Instead of going out, the huge thunder & lightning storm we had dictated that we stay in!  So it ended up being a "have chinese food delivered, ice cream eating, put our feet up, watch chick flicks at my house" night!  Oh, not to be forgotten, the long hot bubble bath was taken this morning!  It was a fun and relaxing night!  My "girlfriends" and I lounged around on our couches after dinner and watched chick flicks in the dark while eating ice cream.  Perfect!
  We had some big "booms" of thunder last night that literally shook the room!  The combination of the thunder & lightning show going on outside with watching movies in the dark was  awesome!  Everyone left around 12:30 a.m. or 1 a.m.  We got to cry a little and laugh a lot together!  We love our husbands, but it's nice to have time away from them also!


rxBambi said...

I haven't had a girls night in a long time, but you are so right! GNO are awesome!
Congrats on getting yours =)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Sounds like you had a great girls night in at least! :)

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